Easy & Eye-Popping Student Work Displays

Posted by Rachel Tapling on Oct 12, 2016 12:25:00 PM

bulletin_board_024.jpgYou’ve already kicked off the year with inspiring and rigorous learning activities, now it's time to show off some awesome student work!

With Back-to-School Nights, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and Halloween/Harvest Parties looming on the calendar, it's the perfect time to put together some water-cooler worthy student work displays.

And since eye-popping, not time-consuming, is the name of our game, below are 4 strategies to hook you up with minimal effort:

1. Informal & Student-Selected Work Displays:

This is where you put the onus where it belongs- what have your students done that they are proud of? Not only does this exercise self-reflection, but it cleans up clogged backpacks and lockers everywhere by displaying, rather than crumpling, that poem or math paper. These examples are designed to be informal. Let it be!

               A. Graffiti Wall- Used for any Subject
B.The Fridge- Students Select What to Display

               C. Thought Bubbles- Student Pictures and Open-Ended Answers or Displayed Work

2. Quick & Creative Design

Want “Fix It & Forget It” - but also want something beyond the stapler and the cork board? These ideas capitalize on space and can be switched out all year long. Even better, they are deceptively elaborate.

None of us went to college to design bulletin boards, but we also fully recognize the power of a good ‘Wow!’ on conference night.

               A. Ceiling Displays- Go Natural!
B. Outside the Box- Just Use Page Protectors for Easy Switching! C. Hanging Frames with        Clothespins

3. Surf The Trends

Teachers know when to steal, and how not to reinvent the wheel. Want caregivers to remember the relevancy of your lesson design? These strategies use the potency of a well-placed image, 144-character poem, or bit of technology to catch the eye and showcase work product.

          A. Readbox- A QR Code Takes you Directly To Student Book Reviews
B. Tweets- Great for Summing Up Lessons (link also includes other great ideas!)

C. Instagram Bulletin Board for Classroom Candids (and other social media display ideas) D. Math Pendants- Bank on the Pendant Trend to Feature Work and Decorate!

4. Caregiver- Child Interactive Displays

Nothing sticks with us humans like the stories we know through connection. And educators know that if anything were a silver bullet, it would be enthusiastic and supportive caregivers joining the journey.

It's always fun to have parents guess which project belongs to their child, but these ideas go a step further and aim for connection. These strategies use the classroom space as a place to reach each other:

  1. Parent Pride Wall- "What's your favorite piece of student work so far?"

  2. Hopes And Dreams For My Child Chandelier

  3. Template for Student Letter to Caregiver

What about you? What has worked well for you to engage caregivers and display student work?

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