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stow-munroeFalls_img01.pngThis post is part of a two part series about empowering students.  The basic premise behind empowering students is that when students have ownership of their learning, students are more engaged in the classroom. Problem Based Learning was discussed in last week’s’ post.  This week we will discuss how flipping your classroom can create engagement.  

First, a little background knowledge….

What is a “Flipped Classroom”? Basically, your students learn background knowledge on their own. This can be done the night and then they come prepared to  apply their learning in the classroom the next day. 

How do I get started? Once you have a “landing” spot for your students, say a website, blog, etc, students know the expectations of the class.  They are required to watch a video, read an article or book to help them prepare for their class discussion.  

What resources can I use to flip my classroom?Teachers have created tutorial videos or audio segments, assigned supplemental reading assignments.  It’s handy to have a classroom website or blog where your links or materials are housed. Another way is to create assignments for your students through educational tools like google classroom or Big Universe. By assigning books to your students, you can see if they have read their assignment.

Can I really do this  ? Yes, you can! You can start small by using this concept for a lesson, then a unit until you feel more comfortable with this teaching strategy.

I like this excerpt from T is for Teachers, because it is exactly what we do.  We try new strategies “until their students meet success”.


Deborah Dover Layne Steven L. Layne (author), Doris Ettlinger (illustrator)

AR: Accelerated Reader (AR) Points:1.0, Accelerated Reader (AR) Quiz Number:101492

ISBN: 9781627531979

From the publisher, “This school year promises “no more teachers’ dirty looks.” They’ll be too busy smiling and reading from the pages of T is for Teachers: A School Alphabet. From the first verse, teachers and their kids will have great fun learning from the behind-the-scenes look at one of the most important buildings any of us enter. T is for Teachers: A School Alphabet is a charming education on education. Crisp, clever text from the minds of Steven and Deborah Layne keep children engaged as they are taken on an educational tour of the one room school houses, the roles of custodians and principals, quizzes and more that lay between the covers. Quick rhymes engage the reader while fact-filled text expound of each letter’s topic. And no school tour would be complete without a stop in the art room. T is for Teachers’ art class features Doris Ettlinger busy painting yellow busses, red bricks and every page with great care and straight A’s. T is for Teachers: A School Alphabet is sure to find its way into the hands of students, parents and teachers alike. As a perfect introduction to the year ahead of a new student or as a great thank you to the teacher who makes a difference, this alphabet book will charm everyone who picks it up. T is for Teachers is a perfect complement to any classroom setting and proves once again that learning is indeed fun!”

Giving your students the opportunity to learn through various teaching strategies, like a flipped classroom, increases student engagement. Trying new methodologies allows teachers to reflect and discover teaching practices that increase student achievement. 

We love to hear from our readers, what do you like best about your flipped classroom?  

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