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Posted by Shelly S. on Mar 11, 2016 6:00:00 AM

2_ways_to_win.jpgWe are now into week two of our month long daily giveaways…and it never gets old! We are celebrating National Reading Month by Inspiring students to fall in love with reading. And we are empowering teachers by giving them the tools they need to cultivate that desire within their students. Simply put, this is our mission here at Big Universe.

This week are excited to give schools another way to win, as we give away two school-wide subscriptions to our cloud-based eBook literacy solution (Stay-tuned…school-wide winners will be announced on Monday, March 14) in addition to daily winners. We believe that when schools adopt a strong reading culture, students are more apt to embrace reading in a whole new way.

Our eBook format allows students to engage with our library anytime they want. They don’t have to wait for a book to be returned to a library and they can access their personal bookshelves (as well as the rest of the Big Universe library) anywhere, anytime and from any device that gets an internet connection. And, the books within our library always maintain their integrity. No missing pages, torn covers or defaced pictures. The eBook format means that books are in perfect condition for every reader in your classroom everytime they are accessed.

Teachers have told us that their students love to read  using devices such as ipads or other tablet formats. They find their students more excited to read when they can interact with technology in the classroom. Students naturally gravitate towards technology, and Big Universe provides the perfect venue for them to enhance their literacy skills using interactive technology solutions.

Additionally, the personal bookshelf feature which allows students to develop their very own library, provides them with choices and independence in their text selections. Kids also love the customizable home page that offers a safe environment to connect as online friends with other students in their class or school, send positive pre-written messages and share favorite selections from their personal bookshelves.

Big Universe is your one-stop solution to get students excited about reading…during National Reading Month and the whole year through. So, how can you win a Subscription to Big Universe? Enter to win here! And, if you would like to learn more about our eBook literacy solution, schedule a tour with one of our Literacy Consultants!

Happy Reading!

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