Food for Thought... Cooking with ebooks

Posted by Teresa Marchant on Nov 23, 2016 12:00:00 PM

nrm3.jpgThis time of year, I plan to focus on EATING.  What does that have to do with ebooks, you ask? Engagement, Access, Team Work, Include Families, Networking, and Generic Skills has everything to with ebooks. Why not turn "eating" into a fun learning activity for your students. 

My idea is to create a "Family Favorites Cookbook".  I will have my students compile their favorite recipes into one classroom cookbook, which will be published for other Big Universe users to access. This activity will fulfill my "eating" requirement.

E-Engagement. The priority of teaching should be to engage students. When students are engaged, learning begins. Whether you use small group activities in your room or create virtual groups, students will be engaged in learning new things.  Also use resources that engage your students as well as create an audience for your students; they will want to do their best.

A-Access. Being able to access ebooks anytime, anywhere, is unique. This allows students to have books available even when school isn't in session. There are many cookbooks already included in the Big Universe Library and our class will be adding one more!

T-Team Work. I love using the writing module with my students.  As a class, we will be creating a share able ebook. Whether you use small group activities in your room or create virtual groups, students will be engaged in learning new things.

I-Include Families. By including families in the cookbook idea, students will be encouraged to return their recipe in on time as they are representing their family. I have included a template to help students select a family favorite recipe. 

N-Networking. I love using social media to find new ways to teach my students.  Even this blog can be used to share ideas with teachers around the world!  Hopefully you have found ideas that will help your students here. 

G-Generic Skills, or Transferable skills.  My students will learn how to access information, problem solve, and work collaboratively with other students through the use of my "eating" project.

What activities are your students "EATING" up?


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