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Over the years, I have collected games that are fun and educational.  Now I am at the point that I feel confident that my students will enjoy my collection of games. I believe students need choices!  They need to learn the skills that allow them to make choices and accept the consequences.  I do use online websites in my classroom, but this post will focus on traditional board games that require interaction and cooperation with other students.

Students will learn basic game playing skills and expectations over the course of the year.

  • I select the games for the first quarter.  I set out 4 games and teach the rules of each. Students know what games are available for them to use and how to play them.
  • During the second quarter, students may ask for an additional game not set out.
  • Third quarter, no games set out.  Students ask for the games they would like to play. I get the game from the game rack.
  • By the fourth quarter, students are given permission to retrieve games from the game rack and put back when finished. They will have learned how to play all the games.

Through this process students learn to be accountable for their choices and understand learning is fun. As I find new games, I put them into these three categories.

These are the “hot” games/activities for my students.

  • Strategy/Higher Level Thinking- Uno, battleship, Connect Four, Chess, Checkers
  • Problem Solving- IO Blocks, Chess, Checkers, Puzzles, Guess Who
  • Promote Cooperation-Sorry, NFL Memory, Apples to Apples, Doodle Dice

Throughout the year, my students are taught basic game playing skills that focus on strategies, problem solving, cooperation, and playing fair by following the same rules. They enjoy learning these skills in a fun learning environment. We love to hear from our readers, how do you gamify your classroom? What are you students favorite games?

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