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Summer Reading 1

One of the great things about teaching, is the opportunity we have to instill a love of reading on to our students. Kids come to us with different reading abilities, different interests and different feelings toward reading.   To help ensure that our students leave us as lifelong learners and have a love for literature we must create mystery, curiosity, excitement and adventure through our chosen books. There are so many ways to do this, here are just a few ideas! Happy Reading!
Book Talks
A Book Talk (or as we call it a Book Walk) is when the teacher shares a book with the intention of getting the students excited and curious about the book. You want to give them just enough to catch their interest, but not too much as to ruin the adventure for them. It’s all in the presentation, use a voice that’s filled with excitement, hold the book close to you and don’t show too many of the illustrations in that you may give too much of the story away.
Make Your Library Eye Appealing
Create an inviting classroom library to keep students coming back for more. Place some of your books with their front cover showing, add some color with boxes or fun borders. You could add bean bag chairs, stuffed animals, I’ve even seen totes for children to curl up in! Change it out often, perhaps depending upon an upcoming holiday or a favorite author. If you are new to the profession, remember that building a classroom library takes time. While you grow, use your school or public library to keep your classroom updated with new texts.
Sneak Peek To Upcoming Read Alouds
Try showcasing books in new ways to create wonder and excitement for reading! One teacher began projecting book covers of different titles that were soon to be shared with the class. She would spotlight books in the morning and during independent reading. This instantly transformed the whiteboard into a beautiful billboard, and the students began seeing books before they were shared. This small change helped build interest and gave the books an extra “wow” factor.

However you decide to present your books, put some thought and effort into it! Think about movie trailers, what do they have that makes you excited to see that movie? Bring the same to the classroom! Hype up those books and get kids rushing to hear a read aloud from you!

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