Everyone Wins When Students are Readers!

Posted by Shelly S. on Mar 3, 2016 10:46:52 PM

Happy-female-teacher-assisting-kids.jpgAccording to a US Department of Education study, nearly 19% of all high school graduates cannot read, and a staggering 32 million American adults are illiterate. The statistics are overwhelming and make our mission here a Big Universe even more important. With National Reading Month upon us, we believe this is a pivotal time to get students excited about reading. A time when we can either help students move to the next level or continue to fall behind.

As educators, what do you see when you look into the eyes of a child? Do you see hope for the future? Do you see an inquisitive mind, ready to soak up all the great information that is being placed before them? Are your students craving more? Do they seek out information and grasp tightly to the new concepts they are learning?

Or, do you see despair and frustration? Are those eyes filled with uncertainty as they try to comprehend even the most remedial concepts? Are they looking to you to for help? Do you feel burdened by the huge responsibility it is to mold young minds into future doctors, scientists, writers, parents, teachers and maybe even a President of the United States?

At Big Universe, we know that every student has potential for greatness. Our job is to meet them at their current level and help them continue to move forward. Additionally, we believe that our job is to give teachers the tools they need to engage learners and to help turn eyes of despair into eyes that are seeking to learn more.

With that in mind, we believe that National Reading Month is the perfect time to give educators a reason to celebrate. This does not simply mean celebrating the birthday of the Great Dr. Seuss. It also means that we want to give educators the tools they need to help students fall in love with reading…to dive into a book and lose themselves. To continue to seek out information that will expand their mind and help them delve even deeper into all the great things that are right at their fingertips, just waiting to be learned.

We know that a few classroom subscription giveaways will only make a small dent in the battle that we are fighting to preparing the next generation for the future, but we hope that it will show our commitment to helping you, as educators, to reach every student! We invite you to enter to win a free classroom subscription to Big Universe every day this month. Winners will be announced on Social Media and will be contacted by one of our Literacy Consultants for details on how to get started.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Big Universe and our mission to inspire students and empower teachers, take a moment and visit our website. And, if you want to see firsthand how the Big Universe digital ebook literacy solution can help your school get kids excited about reading and learning, we invite you to take a 20 minute personal tour!

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