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Earthday.jpgDid you know, Earth day is celebrating its 46th anniversary this year? Talking with your students about the importance of Earth Day and how to care for the earth is a great way to welcome spring and get your students thinking about ecology.

The book Take Care of the Earth Every Day by Tammy Gagne is a great resource for teaching young readers why caring for our planet is so very important.

Each page of this Big Universe title has a colorful photo that reinforces the concepts introduced including pollution, recycling, and endangered animals. This selection is jam- packed with important non-fiction text features such as captions, bold-faced words, and headings as well as a Table of Contents, Glossary, and Index.  The “Let’s Do It” sections provide kids with practical earth-friendly tips they can try like riding their bikes or walking to destinations instead of driving.  

Here are a few ways you can incorporate this Big Universe title into your Earth Day plans:

  • Create a classroom list of Earth-friendly activities they learned from reading Take Care of the Earth Every Day and then challenge students to do as many as they can.  Encourage students to keep tally marks next to each activity once they’ve completed it!
  • Use some recycled items to create classroom art that can be displayed in the hallways for Earth Day.  Students can label their creations with facts and tips they learned about in the book.
  • Encourage students to find out more about Earth Day and caring for the environment by taking a look at the sources listed on the “Learn More” section at the end of the book.  

Please share your own ideas of how to use this Big Universe title to teach students about the importance of caring for our earth by sharing in the comments section below.

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