Is Blogging in Your Technology Toolkit?

Posted by Teresa Marchant on Sep 12, 2016 12:00:00 PM

bigstock-Young-smiling-student-using-he-48119156.jpgHelping students find and use information is vital for their future success in the workplace. By providing various learning opportunities that use technology, you will see an increase in their reading, writing, and problem solving skills. This post will focus on how blogging can benefit you as well as your students.


Do you subscribe to blogs?  If so, you have discovered the wealth of information blogs contain. Just think what your students could learn, too! Like Big Universe, many companies provide blogs as a service to teachers. By sharing ideas, teachers can incorporate different teaching strategies and tools into their lessons. These great ideas are just waiting to be discovered.  If you dare, write a comment below and share your thoughts on our blog.


I use a classroom website that I link to a blog to allow my students to voice their opinions. Knowing that the “world” is now their audience, they are more aware of their spelling and punctuation.  I have also seen an improvement in their writing skills as well.

Problem Solving Skills

Have you ever experienced a technology “hiccup” while teaching? Hopefully, I’m not alone.  Sometimes the stars align and everything works perfectly, but usually when an administrator walks by it senses it and malfunctions. Am I right?  By being flexible, you are showing your students how to problem solve.

Future Success and Technology Skills

Years ago, I read an article in a Library Journal that stated that the majority of the jobs our students would be employed at haven’t even been created. That seemed strange to me at the time.  However, now I see that the Millennials and Generation Z are creating those jobs. I never thought I would be writing for the world to see, but look at me!

Helpful Resources

You probably won’t know everything when you begin to incorporate blogging into your classroom. Don't let that scare you. There are resources that can help you. Try these two resources from Big Universe.

Blog It! ISBN: 9781610805698 Cherry Lake Publishing

"Learn how to use blogs to record your ideas online for everyone to see"


If you are thinking about blogging, read this one!  It goes through the process of setting up a blog and teaches new vocabulary for your students as well. Great resource!

Blogs by Lucia Raatma (author) ISBN: 9781602797581 Cherry Lake Publishing


Want to learn some history about Blogging?  This is the resource for you!  Find out who was the father of blogging and which blog receives 4 million visits a month. This resource provides a lot of information and ways blogging can be used in the classroom.

From the publisher, “The term "blog" was coined in 1997. Less than 10 years later there were over 150 million blogs. How did that happen? Who is responsible for their development? This book explores the role innovation and innovators had in the development of blogs. “

We love to hear from our readers, let us know what you think about blogs and their use in the classroom!

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