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_81202840_classroom.jpgMy children are very musical and I give all the credit to their music teachers.  I tried to learn to play an instrument several times; I even pursued it as an adult.  Yes, I enrolled in a “Community Adult Education” piano course. I thought maybe I needed a different instrument.  Surely, if my own children can learn to play the trumpet, cello, flute, piccolo, and the piano, I certainly would be able as well.  I found a clarinet on ebay and was excited to learn. However, it turned into an expensive duck call! Why couldn’t I learn to play an instrument? I began reflecting on my own music education or better yet, my lack of music education.  I remember learning to play the recorder.  I was actually very good!  Then I moved to another state that lacked funding for music education.  My “music class” was watching a once-a-week production on our closed caption tv.  We sang along with a bouncing ball! I love music, I appreciate music, I just can’t play music.  So why all these music musings?  Simply put, teachers are an integral part in music education! 

Music education provides many benefits for our students:

Builds self confidence

Builds stick-to-it-ness

Builds Pattern Recognition Skills (helps with reading)

Builds motor skills

Supports creativity

Here are some ideas and resources you can use to encourage the love of music in your schools this month since April is Jazz Appreciation Month.

BiographiesAdele is one of my favorites.  In this biography she talks about her influences in becoming a singer.  Jazz is one of the main reasons! 

Read about Musical InstrumentsM is for Musical Instruments.  There are also instrument specific books as well. For older students, have them research the History of Jazz.  Include Harlem renaissance found on Big Universe.

Make your own instruments-Read STEM jobs in Music.  This would be a great addition to any STEM projects going on in your school.

Music related stories–  Try reading Acoustic Rooster and his Barnyard Band.  It’s a fun read and your students will enjoy how the animals learn to work together to make music. 

We love to hear from our readers, how do you encourage music in your schools?

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