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boy_using_his_laptop_outdoor_in_park_on_grass.jpgWhat are your plans for Earth Day? There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day. Whether you choose to engage in these types of activities before or after the actual earth day, your students will enjoy learning about Mother Earth.

Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your ELA curriculum. Learn how Earth Day has changed our thinking about the environment. Find resources on Big Universe to support your learning like these facts. Students could complete a research project on the Earth, Trees, Plants, or even Earth Day. Have your students write a poem to report their findings. 

Fun Facts

  • The first Earth day was celebrated on April 22 since 1970!
  • Earth day has changed how we think about the environment.
  • Canada celebrates Earth day, Earth week, and Earth month by recycling.
  • Some cities celebrate Earth Day on the first day of Spring.
  • 20 Million people participated in the first ever Earth Day.
  • In 1994, students from Canada and United States decorated over 13,000 grocery bags.
  • Today, over one billion people participate in Earth Day events.
  • Gaylord Nelson is the Father of Earth Day.
  • Earth is the 5th largest planet.
  • From outer space the Earth looks blue because 3/4 covered with water.
  • Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun.
  • The tilt is what causes seasons.
  • The Earth spins on its’ axis about 1,000 miles per hour.
  • We need trees to live! Find out why.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with these fun activities.  

  • Start a school garden
  • Start a recycle program at your school
  • Build Art displays with “trash”

Lastly, get outside!

With the warmer weather, invite your class to grab a trash bag and head outside! In my school district, this tradition was started almost 20 years ago. The principal encourages every classroom to participate by providing large black trash bags. It is always fun to see who collects the most trash from the playground!

We love to hear from our readers. What Earth Day activities do your students enjoy?

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