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Great communication is key to having a great school and a great teacher. Communication is literally at our fingertips 24/7, but what technology piece is right for you and your families? I have included some of the sites and apps that I use to keep the lines of communication open with my families. These are my favorite because of their simplicity and the quick and easy access, my parents and I have to them.
Blogs are great for teachers to share information, pictures, video, not to mention they are eco friendly. Parents always have access to the blog via any device and can share the blog address with family members.  I prefer this method of communication, especially in the case of divorced parents; ensuring they both receive the same information can be difficult through a letter home. The site that I found most user friendly was The blog is free to create and use year after year and it does offer some extensions to be purchased.
Remind is another free tool that teachers can use to send out text messages to families all at once or individually, the best part is, it does not give families your cell phone number! You have the option of sending messages, but not receiving them or you can opt to receive messages from your parents. I found this tool to be very useful, especially if I had forgotten to remind kids about something happening the next day at school. It was also useful to receive messages from parents, especially if there was something I needed to know for the following day. It can be sent only to your computer or if you choose to download the app, you can receive messages on your cell phone.
SeeSaw is another amazing free tool that students, teachers and parents love! Kids are able to share, edit, record and photograph work they have done in school. Parents are able to write back to the students about the work they shared and it will post to the student’s portfolio folder. Only the people that the parents share the teacher code with can view the student’s work and they can only see their child’s work, nobody elses. Something to keep in mind, this app/site is more iPad friendly then it is computer friendly.
What are some ways that you use to communicate with parents? We’d love to hear what you use and what makes them so special!

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