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IMG_2574My fourth grade students enjoy their” Living Museum”. My co-teacher and I watched how our idea evolved and were please with the results.

First, we had students read a biography together. (Sir Issac Newton-found on Big Universe). They generated a time line and wrote down key facts. By beginning together, we taught research skills aligned to ccss.

Next, we had the students select three possible famous people. Not only did they need to research the person, they were required to read a book about that person. The book could be found in a library, bookstore, or on Big Universe. Then they narrowed it down to one person, they would become at the “Living Museum”.

Then, they utilized other references to gather more information. (2 websites and 1 encyclopedia)

Once their research was completed they needed to write a speech. The idea was that they would hold a position (frozen) until someone pushed the button.

Lastly, they created a project board for their display. They included things like a time line, quotes, and questions the other students could ask.


As you can see, this was a fun project that engaged student learning.


Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.39.43 PMSir Issac Newton

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