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Students will focus on making their writing more communicative when they know the audience that they are writing for. Accordingly, children have an opportunity to share their writing with other students during the publishing stage of the writing process. Create a blog, so students can share their writing through the class blog. Notwithstanding, displaying student writing at school is a great way to get everyone involved, and this can be easily accomplished using the Big Universe writing program.

Make a Bulletin Board in the Classroom – Students can print their writing to be posted up on the bulletin board for everyone to read.

Create a Reading Gallery with the Big Universe Writing Tool – Very similar to the bulletin board, encourage students to turn their writing into works of art by making frames for their text, decorating them with borders, different colors or designs.

Make a Book of Writing – Have students create books using the Big Universe authoring tool. Students can create, edit, save, print and publish books using images provided; in addition, to an option of importing images to tell a story. Moreover, the Big Universe writing program allows students to submit their books to a teacher account. The teacher can then share student writing with the class, or combine into book where each student’s writing becomes a part of the whole class book.

Have Students Read Their Writing To The Class – As they read it, film them. This will encourage them to know their writing well in order to tell the class, and to make it interesting for other people. Students can then take the film clip home to share with their family.

Make A Tower – Stack up several boxes to make a tower, tape the boxes together so that they do not fall. Cover the boxes with paper, then place the tower in your classroom, and make sure students can walk around it, and as students finish their texts, they can stick them up on the tower for everyone to read.

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