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Little-Asian-Girl-With-Computer.jpgNational Grammar Day is a great way to get students excited about writing! Students often spend much of their time texting that they often forget the importance of apostrophes, punctuation, and the art of writing. Today we will discuss contractions, punctuation, and online writing tools.


My new favorite resource is Super Apostrophe Saves the Day Nadia Higgins (author), Mernie Gallagher-Cole (illustrator) ISBN: 9781614733126). This resources has fun facts at the end and provides a “work” space at the back of the book. Students will love to see what happens when Super Apostrophe goes on vacation!

Fun activities for your students.

Have students draw hilarious illustrations that show the correct and incorrect use of an apostrophe. Similar to these.

Lesson idea from Teaching with Picture Books:  “Read aloud this book and discuss the use of apostrophes.  Model how to determine where to put an apostrophe in several sentences that you provide.  Have students write their own set of sentences that need apostrophes.  Have them switch with a partner and edit the sentences for apostrophes.  Have students independently write and illustrate sentence pairs placing the apostrophe or removing it to change the meaning.  Compile all student sentence pairs into a class book to place in your writing center as a resource for editing”

Additional Resources

This is a handy little jingle that helps younger students about contractions.The Contraction Song
(to the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down”)

I’m the first word; don’t change me!
Don’t change me, don’t change me.
I’m the first word; don’t change me!
Oh, no, just let me be.

When you change the second word,
Second word, second word,
When you change the second word,
A shorter word you’ll see.


Students will love to learn more about about sentence structure by reading Punctuation (Ann Heinrichs (author), David Moore Dan Mc Geehan (illustrator)ISBN: 9781609730376).  The engaging charcaters in this book help students unstandad the importance of punctuation. The illustrations are eye catching and will delight young readers.  


Have students draw hilarious illustrations that show the correct and incorrect use of an apostrophe. Similar to these.

Check out the National Writing Project on how to plan a successful punctuation lesson.

Online Writing Tools

My students love using the Read, Write, Think website. Their interactive tools provide a unique writing environment. Big Universe, also has a fantastic tool my students enjoy using!  They are able to write their own stories and become published authors.

There are many other ways to celebrate National Grammar Day, what have you tried to encourage writing in your classroom?

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