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Expressions-16.jpgCelebrate National Trivia Day on January 4th with jokes and riddles. 

Higher level thinking skills can be developed through exposure to jokes and riddles. If you haven’t considered them as a teaching tool, you may want to start if your students meet the following criteria.

Prior skills needed to “get” the jokes

  1. Understanding and mastery of spoken or written language
  2. Significant background knowledge for the joke

If your students meet the above, here are some ways to use jokes and riddles in your classroom.

Classroom Ideas

  • Hang “funny” posters in your classroom
  • Have a riddle or joke of the day
  • Allow students to bring in their own jokes or riddles
  • Allow students to create their own jokes and riddles and share with the class
  • Assign a weekly riddle for “homework”
  • Read the comics section of the paper
  • Find age appropriate resources

Big Universe has extensive resources available for your classroom use. 

  1. Guess Again by Christy Hale is my go-to for funny riddles. The 20 easy to read poems and illustrations are visual clues that help the students guess each riddle.
  2. Animal Jokes compiled by Pam Rosenburg is an enjoyable resources for beginning readers who are developing higher level thinking skills. I love that it has a table of contents, too.
  3. Pam Rosenburg has done it again with this book, Riddles. The easy to read format is perfect for classroom use. They definitely “get your noggin working”. 

Other ideas to celebrate National Trivia Day

  1. Play a game show type game similar to Jeopardy in your classroom based on a novel or topic your class is currently studying.
  2. Have students write random facts to share with a buddy or younger classroom.
  3. Read a book from Big Universe nonfiction collection and write a quiz for another student to take.
  4. Assign students to read a book from Big Universe that also has a quiz.
  5. Read random facts about National Trivia Day here.

We love to hear from our readers. What are your plans for National Trivia Day? 

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