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Books And Laptop Isolated On White Background

Books and laptop isolated on white background

Heading back to school also means cleaning up your devices.  Have you updated your tablet for the new year? Most updates happen over the summer.  This is a great time for a fresh start.  There are many apps that would be beneficial for educators for the upcoming year.  Here are my top 5 apps or digital tools that are a must for the classroom teacher.

Classroom Management

  •  Remind 101-This app make communication with parents so much easier.  Your students bring home information on how to enroll and then you are set for the entire year.  You can also set preferences for two way communication.


  • Big Universe-This is a must for subscribers.  It allows you to read books in an “offline”mode an access to 11,000 eBooks.
  • SeeSaw– A classroom website and digital student portfolio all in one.  Parents can get a real sense of what happens in the classroom from video, pictures and communications.  (Check the privacy settings) Students have a larger audience when they create projects.  Parents will love their portfolio and can download it after the completion of the school year.
  • QR code reader/creator- These have been around for a while, but especially in the primary grades, this is a great way to access websites, videos, or even text.


  • Sock Puppets– This is my newest gem!  Students can create their own sock puppet show.  They are able to select characters, voices, and animations.  Understanding the SAMR model (acronym: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition)for integrating technology; you want students to perform higher level thinking and learning skills. This is a perfect fit.


Every teacher needs to start creating their digital toolkits. If we each share our favorites, we will have a large toolkit. We love to hear from our readers, what are your top 5 apps for learning or communicating?


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