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Rest Relaxation

As teachers, we have a special advantage, we get to make two new year’s resolutions! One comes on January 1st and the other August 1st. With this additional promise we get to make to ourselves regarding our teaching lives, we feel a renewed optimism for the upcoming school year. However, it is also easy for us to put our personal lives to the side once again and that’s when the stress begins to creep up on us! Don’t forget to include yourself in this year’s resolutions. To help you out, here are a few ideas to simplify your life and allow for much more enjoyment inside and outside the classroom. 


Teaching is a demanding profession, one that will drain you of every ounce of energy if you allow it to.  Don’t allow yourself to become stretched too thin. Yes, there is always one more e-mail to send, one more parent contact to make and one more photocopy that has to be made. Prioritize your day. What has to be done before you go home and what can wait until the next day. The work is never ending and your mind will always come up with one last thing. Learn to shut it off.


Do What You Love
Take time to see the movie that you’ve been dying to see, take the bubble bath and go for that bike ride. You must make time for you!  The nonstop 180-day sleep-work-eat cycle can harm your mental and emotional health. If you are not your best out of school, then it will be impossible to be your best in school and our kids deserve your best and so do you.


Plan Your Meals
YIKES! Did you know that most teachers gain weight over the school year, some as much as 10-20 pounds? This is due to stress and poor food choices. Don’t let this happen to you. Go to the store and pick up healthy snack choices that you can keep at your fingertips, such as nuts, protein bars or for that sweet tooth, a small individually wrapped piece of candy. This will keep you away from the dreaded vending machine or the birthday treats left in the lounge.
A slow cooker is a teacher’s best friend. Prep, set and forget. After a long day, a home-cooked meal awaits. Pinterest is full of crockpot ideas that are made simple. Try planning out your dinners over the weekend and pick up everything you’ll need to make home cooked meals for your family. If all else fails, there’s always pizza!

Best of luck this school year!!





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