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iStock_000005034618XSmall.jpgI worry about my students and hope that they will continue to read during the summer.  I have started a “READ” Campaign and hope you will join me.  Each student in my older grades had the opportunity to create a mini “READ”poster.  They will go home in every report at our school!  Whether you are a parent, librarian, or teacher, these ideas will help you with your summer reading program. Let’s get started with some ideas for an amazing individualized program!

Get the word out! Along with the mini READ posters my colleague and I have inserted a letter to encourage students to read.  We have also included the stats for summer reading provided by Big Universe! IMG_0611.jpg

Reading Logs-Students need accountability.  By providing a summer reading log, they are more likely to read. Many kids love coloring in the picture of a “book” for each book they completed.  Older students,  can color in a book for each hour they spend reading.

Motivation-Find out what motivates your students. Some only need to the recognition of completing the log. Others may need a bit more. Generate a list of “prizes”. 

Resources– Many local libraries and bookstores have great summer reading programs already in place. Utilize those, but make it more individualized.  Be mindful that not everyone wins a prize. Try not to have those “Grand” prizes as the focus.

Field Trips/Extension Activities– Incorporate trips to the zoo, airport, museums throughout the summer. These provide learning opportunities for children.  Another favorite event for my kids is “Shakespeare in the Park”.  Find out if you have a program like this in your area.

Other Ideas-Be creative!  You know your kids the best, ask yourself “what can I do to help my students?”

By providing opprotunities for learning all year long, students will continue to make progress toward their learning goals.  We love to hear from our readers, what is your favorite summer reading idea?

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