One More Extra Day Before We Leap Into Spring:Celebrating Leap Day in Your Classroom

Posted by Jocelyn L. on Feb 23, 2016 3:01:55 PM

leap_year.jpgEvery four years, I begin to wonder to myself, Why does February seem to be so long? Then I slowly remember that it’s a Leap Year. Not that the one day should make that much of difference, but all that cabin fever gets us, so one more day of winter can feel more like a lifetime. Though, alas, you can turn that extra day into one of fun and learning with some of these Leap Day ideas for some of your core subjects.

  • Science: With spring right around the corner, hopefully, this might be a great day to get outside and look for signs of leaping life. Students can roam the school yard seeking out thawing toads and frogs and rabbits in search of some green to munch upon. Perhaps there are even some leaping insects that have sprung to life too. Students can track their finds and observations, and then as a class, you could chart and graph their data, comparing which organisms seem to favor the cool transition into spring, and which do not.
  • Math: Seeing as Leap Day comes only once every four years, this is a great opportunity to focus on four! What are the multiples of four? What numbers are divisible by four? What years will be leap years for the next one hundred years? Two hundred years? One thousand years? How old would someone born on this day, twelve years ago, technically be? The list and questioning could go on, but kids love exploring the idea of this seemingly hidden day.
  • Social Studies and Literacy: Pull some history, resource books or set up links to sites like Big Universe or, and send students on a history, scavenger hunt looking for important events that have happened on Leap Day. They could even have a contest to see who can discover the most unique or interesting event that happened on a Leap Day.
These activities are just a few small ideas of the many more that you can discover to best suit the needs of your classroom online. Hopefully, you get the chance to use some of them this Leap Day, and if not, perhaps you can integrate them any day this spring, which hopefully is just right around the corner! 


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