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Organizational Help

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Albert Einstein. This is now my favorite quote as I feel it shines a positive light on an area that I fall short in….organization. The best part about being a teacher, is that you can make two new year’s resolutions a year, one on December 31st and another on August 1st. This year my back to school resolution will be to get better at organizing.

Monthly Binders

Over the past few years, I have slowly worked on getting my files organized. Thinning them out by clearing the numerous extras I’ve held on to year after year and ridding my cabinet of copies I have never used.   This August, my plan is to  transfer my Printables and copies to a binder system instead of filing cabinets. I like the idea of grabbing a binder instead of sifting through a pile of random papers that are spilling out of file folders.

Weekly folders

One way that I have successfully begun the journey of being an organized and clutter free teacher is to look at those around me and how they are staying tidy. A friend of mine did this and now I do it as well. Every Friday, once the kiddos have gone, I begin organizing my next week’s folders. I have a five folders with each labeled with a day. I fill them up with pages, read alouds lesson plan. This helps me to leave the week feeling prepared for the next, especially if something were to come up I wouldn’t be panicking over getting a ready for a sub.

Keep Your Jars and Containers

If you have babies/toddlers at home or maybe you “can”, save those jars and if you don’t, begin begging the parents that do. They can be used to store wet (or dry) paint brushes, paper clips, stick pins or anything else you find to throw in the jar. Make sure to keep the lids so they can be stored on their sides.

Wine Rack

No, no, no this isn’t what you are wishing it were. If you place large cups, preferably plastic, in each of the spots you can have them filled with colored sorted markers/crayons. No more digging through the recycled coffee container!


As I was searching out ways to get organized this year, I came across a free subscription for teachers. Each week she will e-mail you tips on how to stay organized. I subscribed, maybe you’d like to as well. The link is Weekly Organization Tips.

I could never possibly fit all the great ideas I found for a clutter free, organized classroom into a single blog. These are just a few ideas that have worked for me or that I feel will work great. Start your search, of course look it up on Pinterest. Please share any awesome ideas you have to help teachers like me!

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