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Curating Content

Curation is a way of adding value to content so it's effective for teaching and learning in in schools. The challenge faced by most educators who have taught for years is the transition into teaching in the 21st century schools, in that, educators must learn how to select, sort, and…

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Seven Sanity-Saving Tips to Truly Rest and Relax During the Summer (or Any Break)

Always burning the late-night oil, crafting that perfect lesson or grading papers? Overwhelmed with maintaining a healthy life/work balance, running out of sick or personal days, losing instructional control in the classroom and don’t know how to cope with traumatic situations with students, needing help to keep up with as well as easy access to important documents, or counting down to the next holiday when school’s closed?  Maybe you’ve taken on a new responsibility–willingly or out of need–and it’s becoming a bit too much to bear.  If you’ve been here at some point [I can relate to some of these], then it’s time to put things on pause.  Doing so not only helps bring things back into balance personally and professionally, but it pays dividends in your classroom as well because these kinds of feelings have a tendency to impact the classroom culture.

Rest and relaxation [R&R] strategies help keep whether the school year’s ending or it’s a few days off, taking the time to recharge and reset physically, emotionally and psychologically is key to preventing teacher burnout and compassionate fatigue.  This is something that some professionals don’t talk a lot about.  Don’t worry or be ashamed, because I want to help you maintain or regain your passion for why you chose to be an education professional in the first place.  Take a look at these tips to see how they can help you get back in the swing of things or determine if you need a change in direction.

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Libraries Then and Now

From 1880 to 1920, more than twenty million immigrants arrived in the US. Many traveled by steamboat at major ports and then set out via the railroad for destinations across the country. Public libraries responded in specific ways, because libraries have always been important to freedom. This photo taken in…

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