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writing-1149962_1920.jpgA New York City celebration is now nationwide! This event coincides with National Poetry month. Many people across American have started celebrating April 27th as “Poem in your Pocket Day”. Basically, you have a favorite poem on a slip of paper in your pocket to give away at a moments notice. Here my top ten ideas that require little planning to help you be prepared for this fun day.

1. Print out your favorite poem and put it in your pocket to give away.

2. Use twitter and the hastag #pocketpoem.

3. He students make bookmarks with their favorite poems on them.

4. Use poetry resources from Big Universe to help students select their favorite poem.

5. Add a short poem to the bottom of an email.

6. Memorize a poem.

7. Share your favorite poem on a blog or website.

8. Compile a class book with favorite poems and have students illustrate.

9. Have students write original poetry to give away.

10. Send your buddy class poems throughout the day!

Here is my favorite that I memorized in middle school…

Animal Crackers
By: Christopher Morley

Animal crackers and cocoa to drink,
That is the finest of suppers, I think;
When I’m grown up and can have what I please
I think I shall always insist upon these.

What do you choose when you’re offered a treat?
When Mother says, “What would you like best to eat?”
Is it waffles and syrup, or cinnamon toast?
It’s cocoa and animals that I love the most!

The kitchen’s the coziest place that I know:
The kettle is singing, the stove is aglow,
And there in the twilight, how jolly to see
The cocoa and animals waiting for me.

Daddy and Mother dine later in state,
With Mary to cook for them, Susan to wait;
But they don’t have nearly as much fun as I
Who eat in the kitchen with Nurse standing by;
And Daddy once said he would like to be me
Having cocoa and animals once more for tea!

We love to hear from our readers. What is your favorite poem that you plan to share today? 

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