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Children-using-digital-tablet.jpgReading helps increase knowledge and vocabulary! Dr. Suess said, “the more you read, the more you know you will know”. Scaffolding goes hand in hand with reading.

Scaffolding, or helping students acquire necessary background knowledge, is essential for reading comprehension. If your students lack significant background knowledge they will begin to have gaps or holes in their learning. So how can we create scaffolding?

These tips will help your students gain necessary background knowledge and build essential scaffolding needed for future learning.

Read-a-loud to your Students. There are many benefits to reading aloud.  One benefit allows students to receive audible clues to help them with future learning. 

Talk with your Students. By allowing students time to ask questions not only increase students’ listening, but increase their speaking vocabulary. Scaffolding helps students acquire different tiers of vocabulary. A video presentation can be found here if you want to learn more.

Use Pictures in your Teaching.  Prior to reading a story with my class, I showedback cover of the book to my students. (It was a whisk.) I asked my students if they knew what it was, the majority of the class did not. Interesting!  We talked about the difference between a spoon, mixer, and a whisk.  I’m glad I spent less than two minutes so they would look for clues in the story.

Pre-teach Vocabulary. Similar to the above activity. By letting students hear new vocabulary and discuss their definitions, in context, students can create their own student definitions. Remember to teach other uses of the words as well.

Students need content rich resources to increase their vocabulary! By increasing student independent reading time you will see an increase in their vocabulary at every tier.

Use Additional Resources. Try these great read-a-louds!

Screen_Shot_2016-09-27_at_5.59.11_PM.png This book helps students’ acquire background knowledge with nouns.  Resize your screen if you have difficulty seeing the entire picture.

Screen_Shot_2016-09-27_at_6.04.22_PM.png  Are your students excited about an upcoming holiday?  Help your students learn the necessary vocabulary for your holiday lessons.

Vocabulary Rich Resources & Featured Resources

Screen_Shot_2016-09-27_at_6.11.26_PM.png Take your students on an unforgetable adventure with Farmer Marchant. Why are Pirates stealing his cows? Discuss vocabulary with students prior to reading.

Screen_Shot_2016-09-27_at_6.34.13_PM.png I love this animal series. It encourages students to learn new vocabulary by using context clues. The bold pictures will engage students so they will want to learn more!

By utilizing read-alouds, and other resources ( including pictures) you will see gains in your students’ achievement and vocabulary. These are just a few ways to increase your students’ scaffolding.

We love to hear from our readers, what are your thoughts on scaffolding?

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