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As educators, we want our students to enjoy reading. By helping students to set realistic and attainable goals motivates students now will help you promote reading down the road. Many school districts are feeling the financial crunch and need to make tough decisions.  One such decision would be to cut quiz based reading programs that award points for comprehension. These districts much answer: how can you motivate students, promote a love of reading/learning, and still hold students accountable?  In this post I will explore some options that will help to encourage learning and growing all year long.

First, never make your students feel overwhelmed. By overwhelming your students you could get the opposite outcome. Find engaging materials on individual levels. When students are successful on their level, they become motivated. That’s why it’s so important to make sure they aren’t overwhelmed. I feel sorry for the students that hate reading or develop bad habits due to challenges or contests. This is often done because the contest or challenge were too rigid. Be flexible when developing challenges either individually or as a whole class.

By setting up “checkpoints” along the way, students won’t fall under the radar. Challenges and contests are great ways to motivate students if used moderately. If you keep in the mind the goal is to increase comprehension, stimulate higher level thinking and enjoyment, then you will be off to a great start as you begin brainstorming ideas that support your classroom needs.

Ideas that Promote Reading

  • Choice Boards for Projects
  • Genre Bingo
  • Book Conferences
  • Book Clubs/Discussions
  • Book Reviews
  • Reading Log (record minutes or pages)
  • Book Journals
  • Display Student Favorite Books with their book review.
  • Online Quizzes
  • Big Universe Friends and Bookshelf
  • Read Books in a Series/Author Study

You and your students will enjoy the freedom you have to set goals as a class and individually.  Seeing students enjoy reading and becoming lifelong learners will be evident with these ideas.  Being flexible and changing things up throughout the year will give you even more freedom.  We love to hear from our readers, what do you do that promotes reading in your classroom?

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