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pGratitude-Circle_1.png2,4,6,8 Who do we appreciate?! Well, lots of people and it’s about time we said so! Teacher Appreciation week is a great time to reflect upon all those people who have made a difference in our lives and help others to recognize them too. We all have heroes who have helped to shape us and guide us to where we are and who we are now. As a class (teacher included), pause and find a way to show your appreciation for the difference they made in your life.  There are many ways of doing this, here a few:

Send an e-card! What a great way to brighten someone’s day, then colorful pictures put to music! Here are a few sights that may be useful.,,

Send a homemade card. This is especially fun for the little ones that like to draw pictures and it is heartwarming for someone to receive a card made by a young child. They can Include a special message in them thanking them for everything that they do.

Older students may prefer writing a letter or even creating a book for their hero that tells the story of the impact that someone special has had on them. Photographs or drawings could be added to personalize it even more.

Perhaps the hero in someone’s life is the hero in many lives. Create a collaborative book of letters to that special someone. What a great and purposeful writing assignment for students.

Write a poem! In Acrostic poems, the first letters of each line are aligned vertically to form a word. The word often is the subject of the poem. Cinquains have five lines. Ex.Line 1: Title (noun) – 1 word

Line 2: Description – 2 wordsLine

3: Action – 3 words

Line 4: Feeling (phrase) – 4 words

Line 5: Title (synonym for the title) – 1 word

Or perhaps a Limerick. A limerick has five lines. The last words of lines one, two, and five rhyme. The last words of lines three and four rhyme. A limerick has to have a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.      

Regardless of how you choose to show your appreciation while helping others to show their’s, you will feel full of pride that you acknowledge someone who means something to you. Perhaps it will begin a chain reaction and in turn they too will think of the people that have made a difference in their lives and acknowledge them. What a wonderful chain to begin! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, enjoy! Your deserve it!

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