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Teachers have precious few weeks without commitment during the summer. Outsiders may look at the schedule and imagine eons of pool-lounging and lemonade-sipping, but we all know the grueling pace of the school year, coupled with planning and preparing for the next school year actually paints a different picture.

This summer, explore what Big Universe can do for your classroom next year, and relax knowing that some of your perennial worries are handled! Also, who doesn’t love access to thousands of ebooks? So throw on some flip-flops, pour yourself some lemonade, and learn what Big Universe can do for you!

3. Big Universe Can Help You Crush Your Differentiation Goals

Making sure that each student has leveled, varied, and unlimited reading material has always proven challenging for schools. Libraries do an excellent job, and many classroom teachers have put extensive time, money, and energy into labeling, organizing, and supplying fiction and nonfition content.

However, you cannot beat the digital access of over 11,000 titles spanning every topic and readingn level imaginable. Students love having access at their digital fingertips, and access 24/7. Teachers love that they can meet the fiction and nonfiction reading goals as well as continuously meet students right where they are.

We also have balanced literacy tools to help you assess, monitor, and collaborate!

2. Big Universe Empowers Students Through Self-Publishing and Peer Interaction

Next level literacy always involves expression and engagement with others. Big Universe supplies the tools to help you succeed in this arena as well. Students are able to write, publish, and engage with other student work also. There are supplied lesson plans, writing prompts, downloadable content and assessment material.

While you are planning for next year, consider the ways in which you can push your students to grow in their literacy by utilizing all of the tools of Big Universe. If you have been using the digital library, but not much else, this is a great time to scan through the plethora of available resources and even connect with other educators about how their students are engaging and connecting.

1. Big Universe Puts Students in the Driver’s Seat

Students can design their own digital environment on Big Universe. They can select an avatar, tailor their reading interests, and engage with each other and their parents. They can build a bookshelf, share with friends, write, and manage assignments all on their Big Universe accounts.

Also, many schools report an increased interest in nonfiction reading as students are able to quickly dive into content as they have questions. The crossover materials and resources for subjects across the curriculum is virtually unlimited.

Enjoy your summer vacation, and let Big Universe work for you! What are your goals for the development before next year, and how can we help?

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