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iStock_000005034618XSmall.jpgWe are in the home stretch! As we round the corner of the last few months of school, are your eyes set on summer vacation?  Let us remember not all students look forward to summer. For many is not always an enjoyable time for them. Most low income students do not have the resources available to explore things beyond their own neighborhood. Many may not have books in their homes or an internet connection.  “Summer Slide” affects this population the most. This post will discuss the basics of summer slide and what can be done to prevent it from happening.

What is “Summer Slide”? It occurs when students lose learning gains they have made during the school year.

What can you do NOW to prepare students? Teachers can create reading logs, offer free books, begin designing a summer learning program for your students.  Work with the local library or bookmobile if available in your area.


What are the next year teacher expectations? To maintain and improve reading skills over the summer, have each child set a reading goal for the summer. (These can be monthly, weekly, and daily goals). Basically, we want students to read over the summer. Above is an infographic that shows many additional choices for students.

What resources are available? Big Universe subscriptions have you covered over the summer at no additional cost to parents. Also, many local libraries and bookstores have reading programs and/or incentives to encourage reading. 

What are some ideas that parents can do to slow the “Summer Slide”? Again, use the resources available to you! The above infographic offers great suggestions. It doesn’t have to cost money to encourage a love of reading. Other ideas include contacting local parks program manangers.  They may even offer a reading program in conjunction with a free summer lunch program. Parents can also make checklists or chore chart to include reading 20 minutes a day for reading and writing. 

As you plan your summer vacation, don’t’ neglect learning. Teachers and parents need to work together to provide opportunities for students. We love to hear from our readers, what has your district done to help prevent “Summer Slide”?

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