Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus by Mo Williems


These “pigeon” books are a huge hit with my son.  They reflect exactly the way that a determined young child would act in order to get their way.  Notice I said “determined“.

Basically it is a simple book with simple drawings, but it is great.  The story is about a bus driver having to leave the bus and he urges his readers to NOT let the pigeon drive the bus.  And, of course you guessed it, the pigeon wants to drive the bus and tries to persuade the reader to allow him to do so.

This book allows true interaction with your child as your child soon learns a variety of words that the pigeon is “shouting” throughout. Therefore, this is not a bedtime book – this book will really get your child involved and in high gear!  And in the process, it produces a lot of giggles!

This book ALWAYS brings a laugh when read. It is a must-have for any child. You, as an adult, will enjoy it just as much! It is one that will not sit on your shelf very often.

Week 2 High Frequency Word List
1. a
2. to
3. in