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laptop-601536_1920.jpgLast week we discussed Digital Literacy.  Today we will continue that discussion and add blended learning to your technology toolkit to increase digital literacy for you and your students.

Blended learning is basically using the “best of both worlds”. Meaning, teachers use traditional teaching methods as well as adding aspects of online learning will help you meet the diverse needs of your students. Blended learning can be useful in every curricular area.  As teachers become more familiar with various technologies, they can help students increase their digital literacy.

Blended learning supports many aspects of learning: critical thinking, communication, and engagement.  There are several models that would work in a classroom, the four listed here are the most common ways to incorporate a blended learning environment in your classroom.

Station Rotation–  This model allows students to work in small groups.  Typically three stations provide time for students to receive,face-to-face instruction, time to practice skills in a virtual environment, and lastly time to reflect in again in virtual classrooms or discussion boards. 

Flipped Classroom–  An entire post dedicated to this topic can be found here. Flipped basics are discussed as well as resources available to you. 

Lab Rotation–  By using this model, students are instructed virtually and supported by face-to-face practice. There are various online programs that provide this type of instruction.

Flex Learning–  Again students receive most of their instruction online, but it is flexible as to the students’ needs.  This combines the best of the best by meeting the student needs both by way of instruction, delivery, and content.

With so many changes in technology, students need to have strong reading and writing skills. Big Universe supports blended learning through the above models. Teachers are great at providing instruction and support to their students. These models can be used to meet the individual needs of all your students. One helpful tool for me has been to use the “assign” button. It allows me to select additional reading materials for my students and have them work independently while I work with other students.

Whichever model you choose to incorporate into your classroom, you will see the benefits of increased digital literacy, engagement, student communication, and critical thinking. 

What other ways have you used blended learning models in your classroom?

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