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As we approach summer, it is a perfect time for self-reflection. This is what makes the difference between good and GREAT teachers. Self-reflection is what makes good teachers GREAT!  Those who reflect on their teaching practices and seek ways to improve become GREAT!

  • G oes the extra mile
  • R eflects on their teaching
  • E ncourages learning
  • A ssesses students’ learning
  • T eachable

According to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards textbook entitled What Teaches Should Know and Be Able to Do they state the Five Core Propositions:

  1. Teachers are committed to students and their learning.
  2. Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach their subjects to students.
  3. Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.
  4. Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience.
  5. Teachers are members of learning communities.

I recently used a self-reflection check list. I have tweaked it to meet the diverse needs of our readers. I hope you find this helpful as I have.  Rate yourself…

1 = rarely 2 = sometimes 3 = often 4 = almost always

   ___  I understand the needs and experiences of those I teach.
___ When I prepare to teach, I focus on the students I am teaching.
___ I alter my plans in order to address learners’ questions and needs.
___ My teaching is centered on the National and State Standards.
___ As appropriate, I use additional technology and outside resources.
___ I monitor student learning and engagement daily.
___ I help those I teach become responsible for their own learning.
___ I ask questions that encourages thinking.
___ I invite learners to participate in discussions.
___ I ask follow-up questions to encourage learners to think more deeply.
___ I help learners find answers to their questions,
___ I provide opportunities for all learners to participate in discussions.
___ I use different teaching styles and strategies to meet my learners needs.
___ I ask learners to share their learning.


So how did you do?  Set some goals and see where you are in a few months. This could even be used quarterly or monthly to help you focus on being a GREAT teacher.

We love to hear from our readers, what do all GREAT teachers have in common?

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