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Rest Relaxation

We are in the midst of a long awaited summer vacation!  We have another school year under our belts and will soon be gearing up for another successful year. Now is your chance to rest, recharge yourself. I know there are some out there feel guilty  about taking a couple of months off but you shouldn’t!  Taking some time off and away from the school setting helps to reduce burnout, gives you opportunity to learn new things, reduces your stress and overall it allows you to return a better teacher!

Here are some things you should consider doing with the remainder of your time off. Remember, school is around the corner (the stores won’t let us forget it either) and you don’t want to waste a day.

Spare time? This concept is one that a teacher seldom experiences during the school year. Even on the weekends our minds are geared toward the upcoming week, grading papers and planning for trainings. It usually takes us a couple of weeks to settle into our new schedules or lack of. Hopefully, you are now settled and ready to enjoy some time to yourself and with your family.

Treat Yourself.
As teachers, we are often focused on the needs of others. We lose sleep over “that kid”, reaching out to a family, thinking what else can we do for….” Our own needs are put on the back burner. Summer time is a time that we can turn the tables back to ourselves. Find something that interests you and pursue it. Plant a garden, read a book, take a vacation, go the the lake. Do whatever floats your boat (pun not intended). Stepping away from school will help you become a better teacher.

Speaking of stepping away, summer time also provides the important opportunity to look back at the highs and lows of the previous school year. Examine the lows and critically think about what you could do to avoid these situations in the next year, but focus mainly on the highs so that you can cultivate a positive attitude within your subconscious about the upcoming school year.

As a teacher and a mother of elementary aged kids, it’s hard finding time for friends who are not in your everyday circle anymore. Take this opportunity to reconnect with friends, go have a decent and long lunch (You won’t have that opportunity much longer)!

Make Time for Family.
Your family is important to you and during the school year, they too get put on the back burner at times. Now is the perfect opportunity to make new memories with your family. Take a trip, plan more meals together, see a movie. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it together!

Improve Classroom Management.
Teachers have to make the most out of their time away from students, so use the summer to improve upon your classroom procedures and management in order to maximize your efficiency in the upcoming school year.

Do what you love this summer and do it with the people you love. Make some memories, relax and return the best you possible. The kids deserve nothing less!


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