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By the Dozen: Using Donuts to Dive Into Developing Dynamic Lesson Plans

Here’s an engaging and interesting way of getting your students involved in learning using a tasty treat: donuts.  Baked or deep fried, yeast or cake batter, frosted, filled or dusted, these tasty treats offer much more than a satisfaction to one’s sweet tooth.  In honor of National Donuts Day today, I want to show you ways you can use donuts to teach academic content as well.  May these ideas give you the motivation you need to have a sweet ending to the week and year of growing in the learning process.

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Memorial Day: Activities Honoring Our Fallen

flag-958343_1920.jpgBeginning as Decorating Day for those Union and Confederate soldiers dying in the Civil War, Memorial Day is now a national holiday that honors those who died while actively serving in the military.  Giving the ultimate sacrifice, recognizing their contribution to the development of our nation enjoys because of their acts deserves attention and recognition within our classrooms.  Read below for ideas that’ll help you inspire your students to think beyond the typical things associated with this holiday–fireworks, cookouts, and parades.

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National Limerick Day

Expressions-19.jpgWho doesn’t love a good laugh? National Limerick is the perfect way to celebrate reading and writing in May. National Limerick Day is celebrated on May 12th. Here are some fun ideas to incorporate in your classroom as well as some discussions questions for you and your students.

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Cinco de Mayo: Celebrating Big Universe Style

sombrero-2101560_1920.jpgToday is Cinco de Mayo, a holiday commemorating the Battle of Puebla, which resulted in a victory for the Mexicans fighting against the French on May 5, 1862.  This was a decisive victory for Mexico, and celebrations inclue feasting, games, and parades where some dress in soldier attire appropriate for the period.  This year it’s been 155 years since the battle took place, and it lends itself to be a great opportunity to celebrate Mexican American culture in the your classroom, as Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in Mexico and the United States.  Check out our titles and lesson activity ideas below!

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Poem in your Pocket Day

writing-1149962_1920.jpgA New York City celebration is now nationwide! This event coincides with National Poetry month. Many people across American have started celebrating April 27th as “Poem in your Pocket Day”. Basically, you have a favorite poem on a slip of paper in your pocket to give away at a moments notice. Here my top ten ideas that require little planning to help you be prepared for this fun day.

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Digital Literacy In Action, 21st Century Skills

Blog_Picture_12.pngAttending primary school in “my generation of learners” included the seventies and finishing both middle and high school in the eighties, literacy and numeracy discussions were summarized as The Three R’s: Reading, (w)Riting, and (a)Rithmetic; however as an educator in the 21st century literacy includes education in media literacy, and having digital literacy skills is essential for learners to participate in a classroom. The education system has completely changed throughout the world, thus literacy has evolved with discussions necessary to make sure that all learners acquire the digital competencies needed to survive in a world evermore connected to this phenomena, not to mention changes required for workplace competency.
Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 4.25.39 PM.pngDigital literacy is the set of competencies required for full participation in a knowledge society. It includes knowledge, skills, and behaviors involving the effective use of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop personal computers for purposes of communication, expression, collaboration and advocacy.

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