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More Than A Day Off: 3 Ways To Kick Off Labor Day In Your Classroom

More Than A Day Off: 3 Ways to Kick Off Labor Day in Your Classroom

When most think of Labor Day, the thoughts of summer’s ending, that last dip in the pools before they close, parades, barbecues, and relaxing often comes to mind.  These are great ways to celebrate the holiday because it was designed for workers to enjoy time off work as well as remember the history of and the ongoing fight for workers’ rights.  Check out these tips below to find ways of celebrating Labor Day in your class so students will know it’s more than a day.

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Kid’s Can Be Published Author’s Too!

Publishing is the least used aspect of the writing process in elementary schools, as  classrooms teachers in the primary grades often become focused primarily on teaching techniques, or strategies within a writer’s workshop modality that sometimes lacks consistency to determine its overall effectiveness. Moreover, teachers introduce the process of writing…

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Lego In Literature

Lego in Literature

Its that time of year again, when I'm picking up Legos off the floor and packing up my school bag. From SAHM to working mom, all in one week. But this year, I'm excited to bring some of those Lego lessons with me. I've done some research on using Lego…

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Lines Of Communication

Lines of Communication

Great communication is key to having a great school and a great teacher. Communication is literally at our fingertips 24/7, but what technology piece is right for you and your families? I have included some of the sites and apps that I use to keep the lines of communication open…

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Back To School: Making The Most Of School To Home Connections

Back to School: Making the Most of School to Home Connections

Note: This is the second article in a three-part series on preparing for back to school. Last week, we discussed the 3-step to-do list for teachers to follow and next week, we’ll talk about creating a healthy classroom community.


Last week’s column was about getting yourself organized for the school year.  Now, let’s focus on tips to remember when building school-home connections, which I’ll represent by using the STAR acronym.  These relationships are critical to ensuring a child’s success each academic year, and no matter the context or barriers faced by the families or teachers themselves, all involved generally want the student to improve academically and personally.  This is especially great for new teachers to remember as they’re trying to establish themselves professionally, but seasoned teachers can also benefit from remembering or sharing these four simple tips.

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