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National Friendship Day: 3 Books On Friendship

National Friendship Day: 3 Books on Friendship

 What’s exactly National Friendship Day?  Through a congressional proclamation in 1935, the first Sunday in August celebrates the value that friends have in our lives.  Friends share in joys, sorrows, and encourage or check you whenever you need them.  They share snacks in the cafeteria, invite you to birthday parties, room with you in college, or take part in special ceremonies like weddings and graduations.  Time, distance, and life circumstances don’t change the impact true friends have on your life, and developing a friend-building culture in the classroom is a starting force that makes all of these things possible.  Whether you’re back in the swing of things or are prepping for those first few days of school, here’s come friendship-related books to share with your children in the classroom or at home.

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