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Individual Learning Styles

Laptop Work-4.jpgLast week we discussed how to incorporate technology into your classroom. This week we will focus specifically on Individual Learning Styles and how technology can meet student needs. Technology allows students to work independently and as educators you need to discover ways meet their various learning styles.  

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Activities for National Opposite Day

nrm3.jpgI love quirky holidays and celebrations! On January 25th, set your sights on a day filled with National Opposite Day activities. Research done by Robert Marzano, Debra Pickering, and Jane Pollock (2001) have created discussions on the benefits of comparing and contrasting. This concept provides the basis for effective instruction. I have included fun activities to boost students reading and writing skills in the classroom for National Opposite Day while still meeting the demands of your standards.

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The Open Classroom

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 9.44.51 AM.pngThe open classroom, by definition, is an approach to elementary education that emphasizes spacious classrooms where learning is informally structured, flexible and individualized. Open classrooms’ focus on students’ “learning by doing” and this concept resonates with those who believe that a formal, teacher-led classroom prevents a student from being creative and reaching their full potential. Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 9.39.28 AM.pngThe central theme of an open classroom generally does not function with daily class lessons given by the teacher that follow a detailed curriculum in preparation for standardized tests. In contrast, the setting of an open classroom provides help from the teacher, and it is designed with planned objects, books and interest centers where students learn at their own pace. Specifically, teachers structure the classroom and activities for both individual students and small work groups. For instance, students are exposed to reading, math, science, history, and art on the philosophy that children learn best when they are interested in the content and are able to understand the importance of what they are learning using project-based learning, or interest centers.

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Learning Styles and Technology

Laptop Work-10.jpgTechnology can be a great tool for meeting the needs of your learners. Whether you choose to use an individual or group approach to teaching, your students will learn through the use technology if implemented correctly. This post will discuss ways to incorporate technology to meet your students learning needs in both an individual and group learning environment.   

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National Kid Inventors Day

Children-using-digital-tablet.jpgNational Kid Inventors Day is celebrated on January 17 each year. It honors the original kid inventor, Benjamin Franklin, who designed the first swim flippers at only twelve years old! National Kid Inventors Day exists to encourage creativity in our youngest members of society. As anyone knows, kids can come up with the darndest things! Of course, some of it may be outlandish, but children have a unique perspective of not being burdened down with the details that adults can’t help but acknowledge. The best thing about National Kid Inventors Day is that it can be celebrated school-wide. Inventions occur every day. From new building materials to applications, even the sky is no limit! Here are some ways to encourage your students’ creativity:

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High Achieving Students

iStock_000016012136Small.jpgIf you are like me, you are in the middle of progress monitoring for your end of quarter comparisons. Do you have students that haven’t progressed at all? If you look closely, some of those students are your “bright” students. So what can you do to help those high achieving students to engage in your classroom?

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Write About It: Celebrating National Letter Writing Week


Every year during the second week of January, our country celebrates National Letter Writing Week. The art of letter writing may seem foreign—or antiquated—to a generation surrounded with instant messaging, texting, and social media platforms that make communicating with people across the world almost instantaneous. Once you review the basic parts of writing—heading, greeting, body, closing, and signature, students can write letters of all kinds to anyone! Check out the ideas we have below as you celebrate National Letter Writing Week!

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National Technology Day

Silly Photos-9.jpgHave you ever heard of National Technology Day? It is a fairly new day of recognition so, if you haven’t heard of it, that is okay! National Technology Day is celebrated in the United States on January 6. A technology company, StoAmigo, that is located in Las Vegas founded this day. They wanted to bring attention to all the new endeavors in technology.  2017 will be the second year of observance. Think about technology for your classroom. Hasn’t it changed greatly over the years? I can still remember using an old-style rollcart projector to teach! Now, I’m lost if my Smartboard is having issues. Think about your students. Children are now very tech-savvy. I see elementary-age students using laptops and tablets better than some adults. The reality is technology is here to stay. It will only grow and improve with each passing year. I suggest you observe National Technology Day with your students as a way to recognize how far technology has come! Here are some tips to do so:

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