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bulletin_board_024.jpgIn today’s busy classrooms, considering what  to display on the bulletin board isn’t always a teacher’s number one priority.  However, well-planned and unique classroom displays can make a more inviting and engaging learning environment and, more importantly, meaningful learning tools for your students.  Check out some of these tips to create unique displays in your own classroom.

Location…consider all areas of the classroom-Don’t feel that you’re limited to creating displays only on the standard bulletin boards you’re provided with.  Consider alternate spaces in your classroom, especially those that will be accessible to students without your assistance. The following are great areas to consider for creating meaningful and unique classroom displays:

  • Side of file cabinet
  • Front of teacher desk
  • On the wall
  • Below or above the SMARTboard or interactive/dry-erase whiteboard
  • Moveable bulletin boards
  • Classroom door

Consistent subject, vary the content – Create areas of your room for displays consistently focused on a particular subject. This approach helps students to know where to look for subject-specific content. This can help immensely with classroom management and foster student independence.  As you work with small groups, students will know where to look for subject specific resources such as math anchor charts, graphic organizers, or writing prompts.

Make them interactive – Allowing students access to display space in your classroom is a wonderful way to promote ownership and foster student engagement in the learning process. There are countless ways to create interactive classroom displays so get creative! Consider a word wall containing categories like prefixes, suffixes, and root words where students can become “word detectives” and add words they come across in their own reading to categories on the board.  Another option is a classroom book study board.  As you read a novel together in a reading group, create a storyboard with labels for characters, setting, and plot events. The only rule here is to make sure the space is accessible to students…big and small!

So what are some ways that you use bulletin boards to liven up your learning spaces! Let us know in the comments section below!

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