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Group Elementary School Students In Computer Class

There are many reasons why using Big Universe’s extensive library of electronic books is beneficial for your students. This article describes the connection between e-readers and our children. They are comfortable with the devices and the ease of use is hard to match.

Here are some other benefits, besides the digital library:

4. Students can Collaborate

Students have a Facebook-like home page that allows them to create reading lists and share them with others.

Big Universe also encourages secure and safe online self-publishing and allows for students to collaborate and learn from each other.

3. Teachers can Manage Growth

Teachers are given the benefit of an automatically- updated management tool for each student:

“Maximize instructional time with tools to quickly find and assign books to students, look at quiz results, create/edit student accounts, and view usage stats.”

Consider Big Universe your one-stop literacy solution.

2. Books are Leveled Automatically

One of the great projects of teachers is to find the “just-right” book for each student. How do we make sure they are engaged, challenged, and excited while they read?

Big Universe automatically synchronizes the child’s reading level with the recommended books for them. They can also share reading lists with friends and classmates, and get recommendations that way.

This takes a lot of the work away from the teacher. Not only is this good for fiction reading, but imagine the connections for non-fiction and cross-curricular growth! 

1. Project-Based Learning

Independent, high-engagement learning is a goal for all students. Teachers can use Big Universe to achieve this by utilizing the fast non-fiction library for research, reports, and for igniting curiosity.

The authenticity of the website allows for students to explore safely and securely while the instructor simply facilitates and floats throughout the room as an aide for the students. This really carves out the possibilities of depth-over-breadth, the goal in Project-Based Instruction.

Students are empowered to use the literacy resources to build their project, and the tools they need are all at their fingertips.


Students are in the driver’s seat with Big Universe- and that’s right where they should be for their own education! 

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