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Here’s a lesson you will LOVE!

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! Are you prepared for this “sweet” day? By creating enrichment and extension activities you will have ideas ready for either the day, week, or month.  As an educator, finding resources that spark conversations are invaluable.  I have found the perfect resources for you to begin planning your Valentine’s Day themed lessons.

Written by Reagan Miller
ISBN: 9780778792215

Crabtree Publishing Company

Valentines_Day_1.jpgThis book features beautiful illustrations and interesting facts about Valentine’s Day. This book also includes a table of contents and index. Making this a great nonfiction resource. I especially enjoyed the “Did you know” boxes included on each page.  For example, “Did you know..that more than 35 million boxes of chocolates are sold on Valentine’s Day?”  Now, that’s a lot of chocolate! Image the fun math problems you could explore with that simple fact. These fun facts could be used to start conversations or even flow into other curricular areas.   From cover to cover, this resource has you covered in every curricular area.  

Test these lovely ideas out on your students after reading the above resource found on Big Universe.

Research Skills– Point out text features: Table of Contents, Index, copyright, and glossary.

Math- Have students create story problems based on numerical facts from the book. (Dates, amounts, expand to costs of chocolates or stamps)

Writing– Several ideas are included in the book or incorporate these writing ideas.  

  • Make a rebus or puzzik card (see page 12-13).
  • Teach friendly letter writing skills.
  • Make an acrostic poem for a friend as a Valentine’s Day card.
  • Use conversation hearts to create fun messages.

Reading–  Students will learn new vocabulary throughout this book. Have students add these words to their student dictionaries.

Science-Cut apart a strawberry and see the “heart” inside. Valentines_Day_2.jpg

  • Discuss good nutrition. 
  • Learn about the heart. 
  • Discuss the effects of exercise on the heart.

Social Studies-Learn about countries around the world.

  • Locate the places discussed in the book either on a globe or
  • Take a virtual tour using Google Earth.

Follow up with a great fiction title found on Big Universe.

Written by Miriam Cohen and illustrated by Ronald Himler
ISBN: 9781595723864

Star Bright Books

Valentines_Day_3.jpgNeed a fun fiction companion to teach students about being a good friend.  This has always been my go-to Valentine’s day book.  In my mind this is a true classic.  This story features soft illustrations that teaches students about kindness in a quiet manner.  As a teacher, you want your students to get along.  Typically a class list is sent home so every child in the class receives the same number of valentines. What happens if a student notices he/she receives a considerable amount less than everyone else? You will enjoy the ending as it begs to be discussed.  

We hope that you have a fun filled day learning and discovering new things with your students.  We love to hear from our readers.  What has been your favorite go-to resource that students love?

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