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National Punctuation Day is celebrated every year on September 24.  It’s a day that we literally pause!  Get it?  Yes, we take time to celebrate the commas, exclamation and question marks, periods, semicolons, and ellipsis in our writing.


In an ever increasing use of texting, grammar is getting lost.  Students still need to know how to properly communicate their ideas. I’m not suggesting we go back to diagramming sentences!  Rather, I support giving students time to write to an authentic audience.  Blogs, tweets, and posts can still include proper punctuation.

Real Life Examples

Recently, I read an article in the New York Times about the legal case regarding the use of the Oxford Comma.  This was fascinating to me that writing can be used legally.  I think your older students will enjoy arguing this case and younger students can learn from the following resources found on Big Universe.

Younger Students

Read the story of Super Exclamation Point Makes the Day by Nadia Higgins.  Follow up with other titles in this fun series.  Your students will love seeing how the proper use punctuation saves their writing.

Elementary Students

Use the Language Rules series to teach students basic grammar lessons.  Books in the series include Punctuation, Nouns, and Adverbs.

Middle Students

Try this fun read aloud.  Tabliology by Chris McMahen .  You students will love the expert grammarian in the story!

Writing Tool

Lastly, give your students time to write.  Like I mentioned before, students need an authentic audience. The Big Universe writing tool allows your students to write an be published.  What a great way to encourage proper use of punctuation and creative writing.

We love to hear from our readers, who do you celebrate National Punctuation Day?

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