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Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.05.55 PM.pngIn schools around the country, they are kicking off Nutrition Month. During this month, teachers can focus on various ideas associated with nutrition. This is a great time to learn about the benefits of breakfast and find available resources to help teach integrated units! 


Our district has teamed up with our food services to provide a free breakfast for all our students. From a previous blog post, we learn that

Skipping breakfast is believed to negatively affect:

  • Cognitive function, including the ability to memorize information
  • Mood and behavior
  • Test scores
  • School attendance
  • Overall health, including weight, bone density, energy levels and growth


Using cookbooks is a great way to connect math to our daily lives. Teaching fractions are an obvious curricular tie, but there are others areas as well. Consider teaching concepts such as

Units of measure

Multiplication with serving sizes

Science-Chemical reactions

Multiplying fractions

Dividing Fractions

Other classroom ideas

  • Ask students to create a persuasive essay about why we should all eat healthy.
  • Have students create a menu for each day of the week including healthy options.
  • Lower grades- have students draw a menu for each day of the week including healthy food options.
  • Have a healthy food party! You and the students bring healthy food options and have a picnic. Play any types of organized games to promote physical education.
  • Visit the for other ideas.

How do you plan to use nutrition in your classroom?  We would love to hear about your yummy ideas!

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